The attrition process is used for cleaning raw and residual materials contaminated with impurities or pollutants on the surface.

Principle of operation

In a high performance attrition the process conditions can be selectively adjusted by means of on-line measurement of the solids concentration and in addition of diluting water. The efficient measuring and control unit guarantees that the attrition conditions are reliably controlled for the entire duration of the process and thus ensure an effective cleaning action.

Design features and advantages

  • Tank with vertical agitator and V-belt drive
  • 2-, 4- or 6-cell construction with chamber volume each cell 0.5 m³; 1.0 m³;
    2.0 m³; or 3.0 m³
  • Robust, wear-resistant and low-maintenance constructionin steel/stainless steel with wear protection for tank and agitator (rubber/PU)
  • Controlled, defined solids concentration
  • Strong motors for reliable operation at high solid concentration

Example drawing


  • Processing of ores, minerals and sands
  • Wet mechanical purification of contaminated soil
  • Conditioning upfront to flotation process

AKA-TRIT Attrition Cells

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