AKA-FLOW is a specific equipment within AKW Equipment & Process design offer range, as it utilizes a dry processing route. This is a dry working gravimetric sorting device and used for preliminary separation and enrichment of materials of different densities as a possible pre-stage to the wet mechanical separation processes. Limited availability of water in arid areas requires additions to the wet mechanical processing technology.

Principle of operation

The functionality of AKA-FLOW is based on a combination of an air fluidized bed with a specially developed discharged system. Studies with different raw materials have shown outstanding performance both in terms of throughput, as well as classifying.
The optimum grain size is ranging from 30 μm to 1 mm. Throughput ranges, depending on the material, between 3 – 6 t/h and 9 – 18 t/h with units of 400 mm and 1,200 mm width.

Design features and advantages

  • Fully dry working density sorting methods for production of first concentrates
  • Pre-enrichment for subsequent wet-processing
  • Enables classification in arid and permafrost areas
  • Grain size 30 μm – 1 mm
  • Pre-treatment to reduce transport costs
  • Eco-friendly mining
  • Low energy consumption

Example drawing


  • Coal
  • Stainless steel slag
  • Different iron ores
  • Various heavy minerals
  • Barite
  • Primary and secondary sand deposits
  • Tantalite ore
  • Construction waste
  • Mineral sands

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