The High Performance Thickener AKA-SET is a special equipment for process water recycling, thickening of suspensions and reduction of sludge volume.

Principle of operation

Macro flocs will be created due to the flow route of the flocculated feed slurry in counter-current to the sedimenting particles in the filtering zone. These flocs will sediment at a higher speed than the micro flocs of conventional thickeners. This results in a higher loading rate per unit settling area and smaller thickener diameters, compared to the traditional static thickeners.

Design features and advantages

  • High loading rate per unit settling area
  • Consistently steady high sludge concentration
  • Full automized
  • Low energy system
  • Produced out of customized or corrosion-resistant materials (steel, stainless steel)
  • Coating with chemical and corrosion-resistant materials as an option (rubber, PU, ceramic glaized)
  • Lifting rake system as an Option

Applications and example drawings

Thickener AKA-SET Conical Type

  • Mineral product (kaolin, salt, clay)

AKA-SET Thickener

Thickener AKA-SET Flat Type

  • Mineral waste (sand sludge, slag sludge, soil remediation sludge)

AKA-SET Thickener

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