AKA-SIZER type TAK produce products with sharp classification. The various types ensure cut sizes from 150 µm up to 0.8 mm, depending on the application.

Principle of operation

An optimum distribution of the upstream water via self-closing nozzle plate results in a homogenous classifying bed, which enables a precise separation. By varying the water feed, different cut sizes can be achieved. A special designed discharge regulation system controlled by the density of the fluidized bed, ensures a uniform cut size even in the case of fluctuations of the feed specification (grain size, concentration, capacity).

Design features and advantages

  • Self-closing nozzles
  • No dead zone above the discharge valves
  • Special designed discharged dart valves
  • Optimum number of discharge valves
  • Adjustable and sensitive density sensor
  • Central feeding for an effective distribution into the tank

Example drawing


  • Glass, foundry and industrial sands
  • Phosphate
  • Slag

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