The AKA-SCREEN is a wet classification technology used to produce fractions with sharp cut sizes in fine grain Screening.

Principle of operation

The AKA-SCREEN consists of up to 5 individual screen decks, screen layers made of polyurethane, screen frame coated with polyurethane as well as a spraying system for optimum screening efficiency. The AKA-SCREEN series is using two unbalanced motors with up to 2 g acceleration. This generates a composite-vibration of linear motion of the whole screen frames and additionally mesh vibration. The vibrating parameters can be controlled through frequency conversion.

Design features and Advantages

  • High resistant polyurethane fine mesh size panels
  • Screen boxes coated with PU varnish
  • Open screen area ranging from 30% to 40%
  • Available mesh size from 75µm to 800µm
  • Customized sizes available upon request
  • Very accurate cut sizes, with high throughputs
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast exchange of screen panels (standard fixture)
  • Low vibrations to sub structure

Example drawing


  • Ores and minerals
  • Commodity sands
  • Specialty sands
 AKA-SCREEN Wet Classification Screens


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