10th Anniversary of AKW Equipment & Process Design JV in China – Celebrating a Decade of Success

10th Anniversary of AKW Equipment & Process Design JV in China –
Celebrating a Decade of Success

On 18th November 2016, all employees celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Shanghai AKW Separation Process Equipment along with the general management from Shanghai Golden Bridge as well as AKW Equipment + Process Design, Germany. The ceremony was held in the Parkyard Hotel in Shanghai, China.

“Celebrating a ten years anniversary is a big milestone and we were happy to celebrate this achievement with the whole team”, stated Mr. Yu (General Manager at Shanghai AKW Separation Process Equipment).

Starting with the main conference in the afternoon, the Chairmen of the Board Mr. Heckmann and Dr. Guo had the pleasure to give their speeches, reviewing the last ten years, from the foundation and the first movement in the Chinese market till the successful operating company that we have today. “It was a way with ups and downs”, explained Mr. Heckmann, “but we are very satisfied with the business performances and strategies of our colleagues in Shanghai”.

Mr. Yu and his management team presented the big and most important milestones they have reached in the last years in their different departments. 2016 has been a very good year for Shanghai AKW Separation Process Equipment, characterized with a strong business activity in the field of FGD driven by China government reforms in the energy sector, as well as major breakthrough in the field of environment.

Last but not least Mr. Richard (General Manager at AKW Equipment + Process Design) and Mr. Shu (General Manager at Shanghai Golden Bridge) expressed their wishes to the team and ensured also for the future the best support to Shanghai AKW Separation Process Equipment on behalf of the mother companies SGB and AKW A+V.
“Durability, reliability and trust are the key values that make a cooperation successful. Let’s continue in such a way so as to ensure ongoing success in the years to come”, concluded Mr. Richard.

The 10th Anniversary ceremony ended up after Shanghai AKW Separation Process Equipment employees performed some very well prepared local animations.