9th Meeting on Mines and Quarries Algeria 2017

9th Meeting on mines and quarries algeria 2017

From 28th to 29th of March 2017 AKW Equipment + Process Design participated in the „9th Meetings on Mines and Quarries“ in Algeria. Along with exhibiting, Mr. Thibaut Richard presented to a wide audience a lecture with the topic:

„The AKW A+V approach in the frame of a beneficiation project“

“For me it is always a great chance to provide the interested parties with selected information about a specific scope of application in line with the theme of the fair or conference. They can get an impression of what we do and how we do it. And last but not least what we already did. Providing facts on realized projects is one of the most effective way to show our capabilities”, stated Mr. Richard.

This annual special event became very popular over the last years and is well visited by major mines and quarries operators.