AKW A+V has been awarded a mega contract for realizing 2 bauxite tailing washing units in West Africa

On the basis of tests performed in 2017 at AKW A+V tech center, and with the process solutions engineered by AKW A+V, these 2 plants will allow the customer to valorise up to 50% of the tailing as valuable bauxite!

The 2 plants amount for a total input capacity of 300 t/h and will be capable of processing both old and fresh tailings, following different process concepts. The plant efficiency combined with the impressive recovery yield will allow the customer to pay back his total investment in a record time.

AKW A+V is pursuing his set of successful project realization in the field of bauxite processing.

Following contracts award from the Middle East and Europe, this new achievement demonstrates AKW A+V unique capabilities and strong reputation in this field.

Our company is currently engaged in further opportunities, and will also be presenting in the course of 2018 some key scientific papers at selected Events.