AKW Equipment + Process Design as partner in the Innovation Network „RecyKon“

Innovative – Sustainable – Substantial
AKW Equipment + Process Design as partner in the Innovation Network „RecyKon“

Since more than 50 years, AKW Equipment + Process Design is well established in the market for treatment of minerals and environmental technologies and can refer to multiple references in the environmental and recycling sectors. Be it on mobile or stationary basis, we are offering outstanding solutions for waste valorizing: reliable, cost efficient and gentle on resources!

But the time does not stand still and the ever-changing demands in the environmental industry requires a continuous striving for new developments.

To improve and promote not only measuring, sorting, separation or process technologies, but also the processing and raw material recovery as well as the production of new end products an innovation network, so-called “RecyKon” , was founded.

This network mainly consists of medium-sized companies, but also large companies and research institutes out of the recycling sector. Especially technology-oriented companies with the goal to develop new equipment and technologies are the perfect partners. In this respect, of course, AKW Equipment + Process Design could not miss this participation!

The task of this collaboration is to work with the different network partners on the development of new technical solutions with the main focus on improving the recoverability of secondary raw materials and their utilization as new and high-quality end products.

“The stimulus to be part of such a network entails in getting knowledge and ideas from other parties by using the synergy effect. I am sure, that we will deliver important contributions with our major know-how and experience”, stated Mr. Ulrich Peuser, Head of Technical Laboratory / Research and Development. “We are looking forward to working effectively with all the network partners on new innovation and development approaches.”

The network “RecyKon”, founded on the initiative of EurA AG, is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi).

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