Investment at SAKW, China – new casting machine is ready to boost production of high-quality PU hydrocyclones

As a result of the success of AKW Equipment + Process Design group with its wide and flexible range of polyurethane based hydrocyclones, the group approved in the beginning of 2020 an investment aimed at increasing capacity and expanding the product range of its Shanghai AKW Separation Equipment Co., Ltd. manufacturing operations. This resulted in the investment of a new additional polyurethane (PU) casting machine, that was commissioned in the course of May 2020.

“We are really happy with this investment and new machine, that offers us a large number of upgraded user possibilities and technical improvements. And last but not least, it allows us to produce hydrocyclones with diameter up to 660mm !”, explained Mr. Yu Jian (GM at SAKW).
“We have seen over the last years a steady increase of the penetration rate for our polyurethane based solutions in a variety of markets and applications. There are no reasons for this trend to change in the future, as we constantly come up with new developments and increase our number of references. This shows the potential for polyurethane in the hydrocycloning industry, over traditional technologies like rubber, be it natural or synthetic. The acceleration of our manufacturing capacities at our various sites is therefore ongoing, and will be pursued in the coming years”, added Mr. Thibaut Richard (GM at AKW A+V).

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New Casting Machine - Hydrocyclones
New Casting Machine – Hydrocyclones