New Development: AKA-TRIT, CUBE Design


Nowadays, the continuous development of process equipment is of utmost importance to keep the lead in the competitive environment of wet mechanical treatment.

We at AKW Equipment + Process Design have engaged ourselves for many years in the R&D sector so that our state-of-the-art solutions follow the market requirements and bring further benefits to the end-users.

We are therefore proud to introduce our new attrition cells concept, the AKA-TRIT, CUBE Design.


Why a CUBE Design? … Some key facts below:

  • Compact design: resulting in a lower footprint
  • Unique solution for retrofit projects: where you are often confronted to lacks of space
  • Easier to by-pass: with input and output sections located on the same side, the process flow can easily integrate a by-pass of this step, at minimum cost!
  • Processing flexibility: with the possibility to run 2 or 4 cells, the system can adapt to the processing of different raw material grades

Through our unique expertise and engineering know-how, we are able to address your most demanding problems and challenges.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more Information.