Renewed contribution to environmental matters and circular economy!

Renewed contribution to environmental matters and circular economy!

A loyal customer repeats his confidence in AKW Equipment + Process Design solutions

The story and cooperation history date back to the mid-nineties, when AKW Equipment + Process Design supplied a German customer with key equipment for a washing plant for road sweepings and oil trap sand. After more than 25 years of steady production and successful development, the customer came back with the request to renew the plant and integrate an increase of capacity by 60 %, to support the growing demand.

Following the successful execution of engineering work, we were awarded with the order for the delivery of the plant that will be integrated into an existing building. The plant will include a set of AKW Equipment + Process Design unique process equipment, such as Washing Drum AKA-DRUM, Hydrocyclones AKA-VORTEX, Spirals AKA-SPIN, Thickener AKA-SET and Filter Press. During the project execution AKW Equipment + Process Design newest engineering support tool, the AKA-SCAN device, will also be utilized.

With the ability of recovering minerals from the processing of oil trap sand, road sweepings, contaminated soils and sand trap material, we support our customer in his contribution to the circular economy.

Such project further demonstrates AKW Equipment + Process Design unique capabilities in performing complex engineering studies and handling challenging brownfield projects.